Meet the Smithes

Walter Smithe

My name: Walter Smithe

Childhood Ambition: To work at Walter E. Smithe

Fondest Memory: Our family took a one week vacation in Wisconsin in the summers and we really looked forward to that

Soundtrack: First concert ELO, favorites Robin Trower and Led Zeppelin

Most recent concert: Depeche Mode. WFMT opera on Saturday afternoon and attending one opera per year

Retreat: Home

Wildest Dream: Sail around the world

Proudest Moment: Working with my brothers to make the 3rd generation in the business successful

Biggest Challenge: Golf

Perfect Day: A productive day at work and a peaceful evening at home

First Job: Paperboy

Indulgence: Home made malted milkshakes

Last Purchase: A decorative pillow with a bulldog on it from our Glendale Heights showroom

Favorite Movie: Family Vacation

Inspiration: Abraham Lincoln


My name: Tim, the middle brother

Childhood Ambition: Furniture. Not really. International Rock star

Fondest Memory: Laughing with good friends and making my kids laugh. We play “make me laugh” at dinner

Soundtrack: My top 100 favorite songs ever is on iTunes listed as Tim Smithe's top 100

Retreat: Anywhere warm with my family

Wildest Dream: Playing for the Cubs

Proudest Moment: I get teary-eyed any time one of my sons is on stage

Biggest Challenge: Balancing

Perfect Day: A morning run, lunch with my 4 sons, dinner out with my wife and kids

First Job: Bus boy in an ice cream parlor

Indulgence: Cars

Last Purchase: Oberweis milk

Favorite Movie: Its corny, but “It’s a Wonderful Life” is #1

Inspiration: Happy men over 90

Mark Smithe

My name: Mark Smithe

Childhood Ambition: Do your best at the job at hand

Fondest Memory: Family vacations to Eagle River Wisconsin every August

Soundtrack: Pop Music

Retreat: Working Out

Wildest Dream: A happy and healthy retirement

Proudest Moment: Graduating from Law School

Biggest Challenge: Balancing life's priorities

Perfect Day: Time for work, exercise and to hang out with family and friends

First Job: Delivering Chicago Daily News in 1973

Indulgence: I have a bit of a sweet tooth...

Last Purchase: Green Stripe Brook’s Brothers Tie for Spring. It’s very nice

Favorite Movie: Backdraft – A great Chicago movie about fire fighters that featured the Chicago Bungalow my father grew up in

Inspiration: People who immigrate from a poor country and come to the US and work hard to make a new life for themselves

Walter Smithe Jr

My name: Walter E Smithe, Jr --- aka the Dad, Papa Walt, Grandpa

Childhood Ambition: Work for W R Grace Steamship Lines and travel

Fondest Memory: Actually, the number 7...our children's births

Soundtrack: "September Song" sung by Walter Houston from " Knickerbocker Holiday " 1938

Most Recent Concert: Summer classical series in Grant Park

Retreat: Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool in Lincoln Park

Wildest Dream: That Florence Flynn would say " Yes " to my offer of marriage in January, 1958

Proudest Moment: Family events

Biggest Challenge: Finding time to do all I wish for

Perfect Day: Balance of work, play and reflection

First Job: 1945 Sweeping floors and dusting kitchen appliances in my family business at age 9

Indulgence: Wilderness canoe trip out of the Gunflint Trail, Minnesota

Last Purchase: Prescription refill at Walgreens

Favorite Movie: Blues Brothers and any of the first Jason Bourne trilogy

Inspiration: Tom Watson of IBM... ' THINK ' and T S Eliot:
'We shall never cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploration
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.'

Walter E. Smithe, Chicago's Furniture Store!