Design Tips

Design Ideas From Walter E. Smithe

If you're the type that likes to take on all of your home design projects yourself you can get design tips above from the interior design experts here at Walter E. Smithe.

  1. Evaluate the room and how you want it to feel. (Formal, casual, both?)

  2. Acknowledge all the features of the room and how they might play in the decor. (Windows, fireplace, columns etc.)

  3. Always keep in mind the "scale" of the room. Pieces should be selected accordingly.

  4. A good floor plan is a must. Balance and proportion is key to a successful room you can enjoy!

  5. Find an inspiration piece and build from it! This makes the project fun and keeps it in focus!

  6. Research design magazines to find a look that wows you! Shop with pages in your pocket!

  7. Be open and honest about what you like. A confident room is always a winner!

  8. Stretch your mind. There are so many design options available. There is no need to get stuck in a safe, tired look.

  9. Researching is fun! If you like art deco furniture, study it on the internet. Furniture does have history and storytelling at a party is great!

  10. A design professional is always the best solution if you feel you need help. A good designer you come to depend on and trust, makes designing exciting and fun!

The folks here at Walter E. Smithe know that many of our customers love the thrill and challenge of designing their rooms and then making that design a reality with favorite pieces and special design touches. But we also know that great interior design is something that a great number of people appreciate...but don't really have the time, or expertise to implement. We have designers at all of our eleven Chicago area furniture stores. We have a designer matchmaker service where a Smithe brother will actually pair you with the best designer for you, and we have a long list of designer bios for you to look through as well. The best design decision you might make for your home, could be the choice of your new Walter E. Smithe designer!

If you're the type that needs help with your design projects, let one of our designers at one of our Chicago area furniture stores help you today. We have a  designer matchmaker service where a Smithe brother will actually pair you with the best designer for you, or you choose a designer yourself!

Design Tips from the interior design experts of Walter E. Smithe Furniture in Chicago - Your Furniture Store